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The world known as Earth A is Earth of its native dimension. This world is one of an infinite number of "Earths " that exist in the multiverse.

Earth A is inhabited primarily by human beings and it is very much like the Earth of the real world aka Earth Prime. Its primary difference is the presence of super beings and locations that do not exist on Earth Prime

The Earth A Universe came in existence roughly 14 billion years ago. At this time three beings came into existence with it. The Phantom Stranger, Galactus and The Monitor.

Within a short period of time after the birth of the universe, the Lords of Order and Chaos appeared followed very closely by the beings known as the Endless, concept beings of infinite power and mysterious motivations. Among them in the beginning were Death, Destiny, and Life represented by the Phoenix. Within the next few billion years others would appear following the appearance of sentient life.

The Maltusans appear becoming the oldest race in the universe. They eventually become space faring, traveling throughout the universe, discovering new things and long term influencing the development of several cultures. One of their earliest encounters is with the Watchers. The Watchers were a younger race than the Maltusans, by a mere 100,000 years but developed into immortals almost immediately due to their home world literally being almost on top of the point of creation.

7 Billion Years Ago

The Celestials appear and start experimenting on the native beings of the young universe. They are opposed by the Watchers resulting in the first galactic War. The warfare is intense enough to cause the Watchers numbers to be reduced from billions to only a few thousand.

5 Billion years ago

The Maltusans settle on the world Oa. The Maltusans, now evolved into an immortal race of beings, discover how to tap into the psychic power of emotion, and succeed in building the Central Power Battery. One day, the Malthusan scientist Krona observes the beginning of the universe, but his machine is struck by energy which causes the universe to be opened up to the dimensions inhabited by the beings referred to as demons. Krona is sentenced to existence as an energy life form as the demons begin to plague the young races of the universe, bringing half of the known universe to its knees.

The Male Malthusans dedicate themselves to combating evil where it rises, becoming the Oans. Following a battle with Parallax, the sentient embodiment of fear, the Oans believe that it would be best to suppress emotions, least they interfere with their judement. The females declare that a life without love is blasphemy, and depart Oa, becoming the Zamarons. One Oan, En Dwi Gast, abandoned his entire race, citing them as "bickering children" to study the races of the universe alone. In time he would find and organize other immortals into the group known as the Elders of the Universe.

With the demons acting unopposed, the Oans combat them where they appear. In time the Oans eventually create the Manhunters to patrol the universe. The Manhunters determine magic to be the source of the demons power and seek to eradicate it all together from the universe. They trap an enormous well of it in the core of a star, which in time becomes sentient and forces itself to become unstable and explodes. This Starheart, then scatters itself throughout the universe to escape the manhunters.

4.5 Billion years ago Krypton is formed

3 Billion years ago

Earth A itself came into existence. The Elder gods come into existence

40-50 Million years ago The Celestials attempt to experiment on the beings of universe once more, they are foiled by the Guardians of Oa The being Doomsday is trapped on Earth The age of Dinosaurs ends Vandal Savage, the first mutant is born The Elder gods devolve into the first demons native to Earth A, Atom destroys them save a few who slip away into other dimensions.

10 Million years ago The Manhunters massacre of Sector 666 occurs and a civil war erupts as the Oans stop them with the fledgling Green Lantern Corps. The Corps prevail and become the new keepers of order in the universe.

Krypton undergoes the Clone Wars

Differences with Earth B

  • The Earth A is slightly larger than Earth B.
  • There are more super beings in the Earth A dimension than there are in its Earth B counterpart.
  • The Earth A has more cities and greater urban growth, at least on the east coast of the United States.
  • For various reasons including racial prejudice mutants are openly persecuted by the human populace in both Universes however, in the Earth A universe, many mutants are accepted.
  • In the Earth A universe, there are a greater number of worlds in it from which heroes and villains originate. Some of these worlds, both current and past include, Rann, Krypton, Colu, Thanagarr and the worlds of the Vega system.

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